Saturday, January 22, 2011

Quick Blog 6

I rarely interact with young people. I do interact with people within a range of 20 years of me, not including my extended family. I very much wish I had more interactions with elderly and young people, for the way they perceive the world is much different than generations closer to me, and I feel that we can all learn from their ideas and thoughts.
Young adults and middle-adults are often looked at as the most with-it and up-to-date versus older adults and children. Although certain aspects of this may be true, there are many other factors of intelligence that people who discriminate against those of age miss out on. Like I said earlier, there are a lot of different perspectives we can learn from and when ignoring certain ones we are not making the best out of a wide range of ideas.
I feel that we need to start listening to people not just out of respect but really listen. We will develop a wider range of knowledge when understanding different people’s perspectives. I often see people listening to elders and children and merely just smiling and nodding to be polite, when what they are saying could be a lot more significant. Even if technology changes over the years, the general ideas of how to interact in life doesn’t, and elders have lived the most, therefore most likely have the most experience in how to be successful in life.

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